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Schools often invite Gary to run parents' sessions. He has delivered advice to hundreds of parents' meetings in schools over recent years on how they can help support their boys effectively and help them raise their achievement. 

In his parents sessions he outlines the issues around boys' underachievement and what can be done about it, both in school and out. Parents leave with a fuller understanding of the issues surrounding boys' underachievement and practical steps that they can take to help their boys achieve.


Help Your Boys Succeed

This highly practical book for parents contains strong messages about the need to develop independence in boys, the importance of male role models within the family and what to look out for in school, including signs of peer pressure and limiting negative self beliefs. It gives advice on how best to support boys in their learning and in developing self esteem and confidence.

"Great for parents of boys...had an inspirational training session with the author and bought the book"

- Tasha, Parent


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