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Let's Hear it From the Boys

What better way to raise boys' achievement than to hear the issues from the students themselves? Let's Hear It from the Boys encourages readers to take matters into their own hands and listen to the boys in their school. Gary Wilson offers tips to help start a conversation with boys, and guides secondary teachers in placing the needs of boys firmly on the whole-school agenda in ways that are not to the detriment of girls.


In this unique practical guide to raising boys' achievement in secondary settings, Gary lets the students do the talking through real-life testimonies. 


Tackling various aspects of learning in the secondary classroom, from exams, essay-writing and academic setting to punishments and rewards, this book offers a fresh perspective on boys' experiences of education, helping teachers to understand the various reasons why boys may underachieve and how teachers can tackle this. Complete with expert advice and practical strategies, it will spark new ideas in teachers and school leaders to support boys in their settings and create the best learning environment for all students.


"Gary Wilson's practical and passionate guide to raising boys' achievement tells us how to improve the experience of boys, girls and teachers while enhancing whole-school culture and results."

- Lucinda Neall, Author.

"There are very few people in the world of education better placed to talk about the behaviour, attitude and performance of boys than Gary Wilson...this book will make you think and act to put caring masculinity at the heart of your planning."

- Sir John Jones, Author, International Presenter, former Headteacher.

"This is a superb book. Gary is one of the country's leading authorities on raising boys' achievement. Let's it Hear it From the Boys is full of insight and practical approaches. I recommend it very highly."

- Graham Tyrer, Literacy Consultant and former secondary Headteacher.

"[This book] gets to the heart of the pressures and problems boys face. It provides useful actions to ensure boys are keen to learn, well-qualified and socially adjusted when they leave school."

- Lesley Bishop, Principal Atlantic Academy, Portland.

"I know Gary's work and use it in my workshops. I like his down-to-earth approach. Any teacher would learn useful ideas from this action-oriented book, which is both amusing and sensible."

- Dr Peter West, Consultant on boys' education, Australia.

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