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Breaking Through Barriers

to Boys' Achievement

This book provides the full picture as to why some boys underachieve and what can be done to start solving the problem. It presents 28 barriers to boys' learning, including early language development, 'laddish' culture, the lack of male role models, motivation and aspirations, peer pressure, and much more. High on the agenda is the development of a more caring masculinity. This revised and updated second edition includes new case studies, advice and many tried-and-tested strategies. 

"Without a doubt the seminal text on this subject"

- Phil Beadle, Guardian

Help Your Boys Succeed

This highly practical book for parents contains strong messages about the need to develop independence in boys, the importance of male role models within the family and what to look out for in school, including signs of peer pressure and limiting negative self beliefs. It gives advice on how best to support boys in their learning and in developing self esteem and confidence.

"Great for parents of boys... had an inspirational training session with the author and bought the book"

- Tasha, Parent


Let's Hear it From the Boys!

This book offers a fresh perspective on boys' experiences of education, helping teachers to understand the various reasons why boys may underachieve and how teachers can tackle this. Complete with expert advice and practical strategies, many from the boys themselves. It will spark new ideas in teachers and school leaders to support boys in their settings and create the best learning environment for all.

"There are very few people in the world of education better placed to talk about the behaviour, attitude and performance of boys than Gary Wilson...this book will make you think and act to put caring masculinity at the heart of your planning."

- Sir John Jones, Author, International Presenter, former Headteacher.


100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: 

Raising Boys' Achievement

Packed with practical lesson plans, activities and strategies, plus suggestions of how to take these ideas further, this book is ideal for all primary teachers who are looking to motivate boys in the classroom and move a step closer to closing the gap between male and female achievement in school.

"This book is a grab-bag of...many easily implemented ideas"

- Phil Beadle, Author

Raising Boys' Achievement

Based on sound research and experience by leading author Gary Wilson, this "Pocket Pal" provides an introduction to why boys underachieve along with a practical toolkit of proven strategies to help raise boys' attainment across all age boundaries, enabling every teacher, department, key stage or school to identify the problems and plan a way forward.

"Really useful book, very simple to use and full of information. Great book to buy for all staff!"

- S. Hurst, Teacher

Boys Will Be...Brilliant!

This book explains many of the barriers to boys' achievement in early years. It provides practitioners with the tools and strategies to make a difference to boys' achievement in the early stages of their education. This book also features advice and tips on how to work in close collaboration with parents to further enhance boys' potential for achievement.

"Boys Will Be Brilliant...has become our Early Years bible!"

- Hannah Collis, Assistant Head Teacher and Early Years Foundation Stage Leader at Kings Ash Academy


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